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Vancouver-based art student Fiona Tang creates large-scale trompe l’oeil drawings of animals that appear to burst forth from the paper upon which they were so expressively rendered. She uses a variety of materials to create these awesome optical illusions, including charcoal, acrylic paint, conté and chalk pastels.

We love the photos in which Tang poses with her pieces, emphasizing the effectiveness of her illusions. A large stag, with birds perched on his antlers, looks so solid that we’re still waiting to see steamy breath leave his nostrils. An enormous salt water crocodile raises its head from the rippling grey water in order to receive a gentle pat on the snout. A ferocious shark and powerful humpback whale emerge from opposite walls for an underwater face-off.

Follow Fiona Tang here on Tumblr to check out more of her eye-popping artwork.

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Last time we visited the Department of Awesome Natural Wonders we drank in the majesty of one of the oldest, tallest trees in the world. Today we’d like to direct your attention to the forest floor. Photographer Steve Axford lives in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia and spends his time seeking out and photographing rare plants, animals, fungi, and sometimes even people. Axford has traveled to remote locations in order to document - sometimes for the very first time - some of the world’s strangest and most diverse mushrooms and other fungi. His stunning photos capture their incredibly varied and alien forms as well as their astonishing beauty.

We can only share a small sample of Steve’s work in a single post, so be sure to visit his Flickr and SmugMug accounts to view more of his photos.

Visit Colossal to learn more about Steve Axford and the fantastic fungi pictured here.




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